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Cosmetic Surgery



Bonding restores damaged teeth that have been chipped, cracked, misalegned or discolered.  A plastic resin somewhat like putty is used to rebuild the teeth and make them look natural

Visits:  Usually one, although more complex cases may require several visits.

Durability: A bonded tooth usually lasts three to five years before it needs a touch-up to correct wear or discoloration.

How Teeth are Bonded:


Tooth-colored plastic putty (called composite resin) is applied to the tooth and shaped to fill in chips or to correct other problems.


The resin is exposed for 20 to 60 seconds to a bonding light that dries and hardens it.  Then the tooth is smoothed and polished.


Bleaching works on teeth much as it does on clothes, by lightening stains caused by cofee, tea, food, tobacco, and age.


A clear, warm peroxide solution is applied to the stained teeth and activated with heat or a combination of heat and light.


The peroxide solution is rinsed off, revealing lighter-colored teeth.

Visits: Six to eight teeth can be bleached during one visit, but teeth may need to be bleached several times to return them to their natural color. Ask your dentist about home bleaching.  If he or she prescibes that route, you’ll wear a tray fitted to your mouth and filled with solutiuon a few hours each day.

Durability: Bleached teeth may need touching up every year.

Prcelain Veneers......

Porcelain veneers are hard, toothshaped shells adhered onto the surfaces of prepared teeth in much the same way that false fingernails are applied. Veneers correct or camoulflage the smae problems that bonding does--discoloration, damage, or misalignment--but the veneers last longer.


During the second visit, after the porcelain veneers have been made, the teeth are etched with an acidic solution and painted with an adhesive resin.


Once the veneers are applied to the surface of the teeth, the adhesive resin is hardened with a bonding light. Then the veneers are polished so they look natural.

Visits: One visit is need for preparation: the teeth are buffed to remove a thin layer of enamel, and then an impression is taken. During the second visit, the dentist applies and polishes the veneer.

Durability: The lifes span is roughly four years or more.

Schaumburg Dentist | Cosmetic Surgery. Jeffrey Swager is a Schaumburg Dentist.